What is Mass Timber, and how can it help solve climate change?



Mass Timber is a renewable material because of its ability to be recycled and reused in different methods.

Because wood is a natural resource it can be replenished easily through sustainable forestry practices. 


carbon sequestration

Wood is comprised of ~50% carbon by dry weight. A standard size Mass

Timber building stores up to 3150 tons of carbon each year. Giving the occupants and environment fresh oxygen.


reforestation not deforestation

Due to strict regulations for modern forestry standards, the continuous use of wood as a building material ensures landowners keep their land as forests and invest in practices to keep trees healthy.

They are also required to plant trees as they are cut down. 

Mass Timber is the up-and-coming method of sustainable design. Not only is it known for being extremely fire-resistant, but it’s also significantly cheaper than steel and has nearly the same structural stability. Using glulam beams give a different design element that steel just can’t do.

CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) can be used to replace standard floors, roofs, and can even be used for walls capable of load bearing. These are the two main methods of mass timber design that are often used simultaneously to create a cohesive design that is structurally sound. 


CLT (Cross Laminate Timber)

Image by: Structuremag

CLT consists of odd-numbered layers, either three, five, or seven layers of lumber stacked crosswise and glued into place. It is a prefabricated building component that allows the build team to put the project together on-site with far more efficiency and almost zero on-site waste.

This method of mass timber construction allows for it to be used as a floor, wall, or roof. Either used as an exposed design element or covered with materials.

Glulam Beams

Image by: Kalenskinoff

Glulam Beams are joined end to end, which allows for long spans up to 100 ft in some commercial projects, and are bonded with a durable, moisture-resistant adhesive.

Giving this material the ability to be used in many different methods on both the interior and exterior of the home. Making cantilevered design elements much easier to accomplish with far less costs associated with it. 

While these are not the only mass timber methods of design, DLT (Dowell Laminated Timber) and NLT (Nail Laminated Timber) are also less commonly used methods. Each method has the structural stability to build an entire residential home with mass timber.

Using these methods in your home design is a fairly new approach in the residential world.

It is growing at tremendous rates because of the many environmentally and economic benefits associated with it. Be one of the few people with a mass timber home and contribute to making our planet a healthier place to live.

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